Who is TeinFootworks?

TEIN Footworks is an online store dedicated to distribution of TEIN suspension products only. Here, you will find everything for your suspension needs and desires. We have applications ranging from imports to euros to domestic cars, that can be utilized for street driving or professional racing, from drifting to rallying. Whether you are seeking suspension for comfort or sport, you will find all your suspension needs at TEIN Footworks. Our dedication to TEIN products ensures our expertise and knowledge, in the TEIN products, which we will use to help you choose the right product for your car. Our prices are always competitive, handling and shipping is fast, and our services are excellent.

Why choose TEIN suspension?

TEIN stand for "TE'chnical IN'novation". At first we think it should be clear what TEIN stands for, and what was the initial idea of Yoshio Fujimoto and Hakaru Ichino when they started the company. TEIN is one of the biggest and oldest Japanese aftermarket suspension specialist and manufacturer. Since 1985, TEIN has been researching and developing high performance suspension products for both street and race use. Competing and winning many races including the World Rally Championship and Super N1 Endurance Race allowed TEIN to be the pioneer of suspension specialists. The technology knowledge gained from racing, TEIN applied to their product development to create an ideal suspension for total driving pleasure. That is what makes TEIN products outperform other performance suspension brands not only in performance, but also in endurance, consistency and most of all quality which makes driving with this exceptional suspension a fulfilling experience. Since Ichino and Fujimoto started their quest for the shock absorbers that would withstand their aggressive runs in the Kanagawa rally , TEIN never stops the pursuit to developing a perfect suspension, which can be suitable for all drivers in search of total driving satisfaction and pleasure.

Born in rally for performance, TEIN's decisive point came in 1995, with the Japan's government need to revitalize the economy and make the market more open to the world, or in essence make the Japanese market more attractive for domestic as well as foreign investors. A big part of the plan was to be performed on the US and Japanese auto markets, and the goals was to reduce the number of critical parts subjected to regulation and to deregulate the attachment of vehicle accessories added after purchase by reducing those subject to modification inspection. In other words, there was more lenience towards cars on the street to have aftermarket parts replacements and modifications, which of course included suspension mods. From their worldwide confident reputation in the rally events and circuit, suddenly demand for TEIN products skyrocketed which made them as leaders of the aftermarket performance industry.

Now that their parts were to sell for street use, comfort came as a very essential factor in development of new products. The desire to satisfy the ride comfort and at the same time have a minimal decrease in performance, in the street used shock absorbers is a very challenging task, consumer's tastes are very diversified on the factor of comfort, but "technical innovation" or the production of best products with the latest technology is the company policy. Products such as Type Flex coilovers were created to satisfy customers that had the desire for a suspension that provided the ultimate balance between comfort and performance, therefore making it the ideal coilover for people that participate in less intense motorsports such as track days and time attacks and at the same time drive the same setup on the street without diminishing on comfort of the ride. TEIN Type Flex provides a greater increase in cornering performance, while still being comfortable enough to use on the street. This is accomplished by a higher spring rate and a twin tube internal design damper, which allows for a sufficient piston stroke due to the gas and oil chambers being separately positioned, and a more comfortable ride due to the base valve sharing damping pressure thus keeping gas pressure low. TYPE FLEX features 16 levels of adjustment, pillowball upper mounts, three stage powder coating, full length ride height adjustment, and newly designed spring seat. This is just an example of many products offered by TEIN, that combine performance and comfort.

TEIN products go through rigorous and precise 60 day testing phase before reaching the customer's hands. Each individual shock absorber is incessantly stroked over 10 million times, that is equivalent of about 5 years of use. To ensure exceptional durability, TEIN simulates the most harsh conditions in their testing, the speed of the piston on the testing equipment is around 0.6m/s, which is the most extreme movement the shock absorber will face on the street. Temperatures will reach around 80 to 100°C, which is hotter than the shocks will ever reach on a race track in mid-summer. The Hydraulic Damper Tester exactly simulates any road condition around the world, so the dampers can be tested inside the office, conserving on time with real life track testing. Rust is an issue that is faced by any underbody and exterior aftermarket part eventually. To minimize the rust occurrence, products are sprayed with salt water for 96 hours incessantly, which is equivalent of around 1 year of use in heavy snowfall areas. All these tests are performed using the most advance testing equipment available to provide all customer with safety and peace of mind.

After a long term absence of 7 years from the rally world, TEIN eventually returned to the rally scene in 2005, and chose to support vehicles in the P-WRC. The performance and durability required by the drivers was very different from what it was initially when TEIN used to be in the rally scene, but that did not frighten Ichino and Fujimoto. P-WRC class was chosen for a particular reason by TEIN, in this class engine modification are prohibited, which puts a lot of emphasis on suspension modifications, that can directly affect the race results. The newly developed Gr.N Damper which debuted in P-WRC was somewhat a disappointment for TEIN, they were placed 8th and for their standards it was unacceptable. Great efforts were thrown at improving the damper over a short period of time, and only 6 months after the unsuccessful debut the re-developed damper shared the success.
That year TEIN won the WRC Rally Final in Finland sponsoring an Imprezza, after that the glory went on for TEIN shock absorbers winning the Super Taikyu series for 2 consecutive years. TEIN was back, and at the top of the performance suspension race scene. With their dedication and belief they met the high expectation of the fast evolving performance market and took control putting forth products that simply outperformed their competition. Having said all this, TEIN is celebrating it's 25th anniversary this year, and they continue to satisfy the high expectations of the ever-changing performance industry, only by expecting the highest from themselves.

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