TEIN shares glory in P-WRC at home.

On Sep 12th, the Swede Flodin and his navigator Bergsten cease the top podium spot at Production Car World Rally Championship (P-WRC) on Rally Japan, and slip away with 25 points towards the title. The glory is also shared by TEIN, as their Gr.N dampers continues to dominate the rally world. From the ice and snow of Scandinavia to the excruciating heat of Jordan, the series is regarded as the most challenging motorsport competition in the world. Japan known to be one of the bumpiest stages in the competition, and the 2008 STI is known to be somewhat of a burden because of not having much suspension travel in the rear, but TEIN was up to the challenge as always with their new spec. Gr.N damper. I mentioned previously that TEIN's choice to sponsor the P-WRC was not for publicity-marketing reasons, but for R&D. Because motor modifications are not allowed in this particular Rally class, suspension enhancements directly affect the outcome of the race. Patrik already had 2 wins in the 2010 season, earning the first on his home-soil in Sweden, and snatching the second one in Jordan, first place in Japan secures him the lead in FIA P-WRC season standings with 90 points and surely puts TEIN R&D team in the spotlight.

Tein Group N damper was developed through rigorous testing in the P-WRC and became TEIN's flagship coilover for off road use. Some of the latest technology developed exclusively by TEIN are included in the production of this damper. Some of the advance features include the 3+1 way damper adjustment, full length adjustability of the shock height, external reservoirs, and inverted mono tube design. Other TEIN’s latest technologies include Micro Speed Valving (MSV) which was adapted in the mass production of street use coilovers such as Type Flex, Temperature Compensating Valve (TCV), and Hydraulic Bump Stop (HBS).

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