JDM Meets Muscle

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WRX STI Sets Isle of Man Record

Came across this great video released by Subaru, where rally driver Mark Higgins sets a new record at the Isle of Man TT Mountain Course, and allegedly does it in a stock 2011 Subaru WRX STI, with some suspension modifications. That's some cool news for Subaru fans, but I am more about the video and precisely the driving of Mark Higgins, or you can say the precise driving of Higgins. I am puzzled how he achieves an average speed of 115 mph on a track that goes throught the most narrows streets you will see in a small town. There is also a moment where he loses control of the car going down the hill at 150 mph and manages to straighten it back out, that moment is replayed and explained in details by Mark at the end of the video.

Lexus LFA "Green Hell" record

Today Lexus has released a video of the LFA Nurburgring Edition setting the record of fastest production car on the planet from major manufacturer. The record was set at Nurburgring "Green Hell" track where previously the Porsche GT2 RS held the record as the fastest vehicle around the track. Lexus claims that the LFA Nur. Ed. in the video is completely stock, and only 50 of these models will be sold, which will probably be pre-ordered even before they are for sale. The difference between a regular LFA and the Nur Ed in the power output is merely 10-hp, the shift time has also been reduced to .015 secs, and some major changes in the suspension that probably plaid a prominent role in the record run. Enjoy the record run video lower.

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Gymkhana 4

All right, Ken Block might not be the best rally driver out of all the rally drivers in the world - yet this video makes it seem the contrary, but that's not the point. The point is, Ken Block is definitely the best marketer/business man out of all the rally drivers in the world and this is where he can actually give lessons to other motorsports drivers. This latest video of Ken Block's Gymkhana, and this time he involved some real time Hollywood buddies of his, this really is an ingenious way to market his brand DC SHOES and just give exposure to himself and his Hybrid Function Hoon Vehicle, he is the brand after all these videos.

Ksport Super Lap Battle 2010

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Scandanavian Drift

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Most Powerful Electric Vehicle

Quimera AEGT is the most powerful electric vehicle in the world, driven by a lithium polymer battery that sends power to three electric motors which generate a combined output of 700hp and 737 lb-ft of torque. This car accelerates 0-62mph in 3 seconds and has a maximum speed of 186 mph, talk about the future!