Lexus LFA "Green Hell" record

Today Lexus has released a video of the LFA Nurburgring Edition setting the record of fastest production car on the planet from major manufacturer. The record was set at Nurburgring "Green Hell" track where previously the Porsche GT2 RS held the record as the fastest vehicle around the track. Lexus claims that the LFA Nur. Ed. in the video is completely stock, and only 50 of these models will be sold, which will probably be pre-ordered even before they are for sale. The difference between a regular LFA and the Nur Ed in the power output is merely 10-hp, the shift time has also been reduced to .015 secs, and some major changes in the suspension that probably plaid a prominent role in the record run. Enjoy the record run video lower.

[Source: Motortrend ]

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