Greddy FEST2

Sunday September 5th, at 10am Greddy will open the doors to its now second festival or Greddy FEST2 which will be held at USA headquaters in Irvine, CA. A very anticipated event for Greddy, in which they are looking to interact with the enthusiasts and import lovers. According to Greddy there is already around 200 vehicles pre-registered to appear, so there sure will be a sweet display of modified imports. Greddy will also feature all the show cars they have including the R35 GTR which still holds the record for the fastest R35 in the world. To complete the scene Greddy will have its official girls to entertain and take pictures with cars, Alicia Whitten, Corissa Furr & Alexia Cortez.

GReddy Fest II 2010 from GReddy Media on Vimeo.

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