Federal Gov. Cracks Down on Skyline Owners

Skyline - a pinnacle of Japanese auto creations, the dream of most enthusiasts involved in the JDM scene, this car is simply an icon for us. Most of you know that for a substantial amount of money, Skylines can be imported from overseas, but what most of you don't know, is that by law most of these cars are considered contraband. Any vehicles imported into US must go through rigorous regulations and a ton of paperwork, and also crash testing. To make a long story short, when Mortex was importing skylines, prior to their shut-down, they only crash tested the R33 and that data was approved by the NHTSA. Mortex never performed any kind of tests on the R32's and 34's, yet they imported them under the crash test results of R33 as "substantially similar" vehicle. In 2006 the NHTSA decided that the 3 models were not so similar after all and prohibited the 32's and 34's to be imported. This rendered the R33 1996-1998 GTS and GTR as the only skyline legal to import under US law. Recently the owner of skylineusaowners.com was targeted by the federal government and one of his skylines was declared illicit and will be seized. You can read the full are at nicoclub. This is the most absurd and ridiculous story I have heard, they are spending our tax money on running organized activities towards seizing skylines! They have nothing better to do? Terrorism? Illigal immigration? Drug Trafficking? The "HOMELAND SECURITY" shows up to his house like he is trafficking drugs in large quantities? WTF is the matter with these people?

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