Akrapovič for Ferarri 458 Italia

Found in 1990, by Slovenia racer Igor Akrapovič, the company makes some of the best exhausts in the world for motorcycles. During his racing career, Akrapovič came to a conclusion that there is no exhaust adequate enough for him on the market. With the experience that he gained in motorcycle racing, Akrapovic decided he will design his own high quality aftermarket exhaust system, which will be widely available for any kind of customers. The Akrapovič exhaust systems have been used in a total of 38 championships as of 2010, and are extremely popular in Italian motorcycles like Aprilia and Ducati, and recently they have decided to expand into the Italian super-car sector. The exhausts does not change a lot in numbers for the new 458 Italia, it only adds around 10 horsepower and 19 ft/lb of torque, and it lightens the car by 31 pounds. Fortunately the best thing about the exhaust is not the specs, but the beautiful sounds that it produces, it almost makes the Ferrari sing, and cry with joy.

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