Impreza and WRX Split

The prayers of Subaru fans have finally been answered, by the firm itself. Apparently a "source" has told Auto Express that Subaru decided to put a stop to their bullshit, and by that I mean having the WRX based on a fuel efficient family oriented vehicle. Rumors are that starting next year the Impreza and WRX will split and literally will be two different vehicles, completely! Now everything is going to be just right, the standard Impreza will be the automakers fuel efficient core model, and the WRX will be a 4WD rally machine. It will feature 200bhp 1.6 liter boxer turbo, and will be rally oriented in every aspect. In words of the Auto Express source " We have developed it from ground up to win in Motorpsorts" "That's why we have focused on weight issues, not to mention a shorter wheelbase that permits faster, more precise turn-in. We think we have a winner" 
Subaru pulled out of WRC in 2008 and I am sure they have been more than anxious to return back and they have probably worked very hard in their lab to make their return in good fashion. The picture is just an interpretation by a Japanese artist and has nothing to do with the automaker itself.

[Source:Auto Express]

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