Jaguar C-X75

To celebrate 75 years of elegant engineering, Jaguar decided to make a "statement of the future" with their concept C-X75. Equipped with a two 80,00 rpm gas turbines that generate electricity for the four individual electric motors at each of the wheels, resulting in 780 bhp - sure is science fiction engineering. The key idea, stated by jaguar design team was to create a super-car that is relevant to the environment and at the same time retain the characteristics of a 2 seater Jaguar.

Peeking through engine glass, C-X75 turbines make mid mounted Ferrari and Lambo powerplants look defunct. Capable of reaching 0-62 mph in 3.4 seconds with zero emissions, for some critics its a concept car that will never reach production status. Classified as a range-extended electric vehicles, it can go 68 miles on full charged lithium-ion battery pack, after which twin-turbines kick in charging the electric motor, and extending the range to 560 miles.

Inspired by the never raced 1966 XJ13 prototype, the vehicle features impeccable mechanical beauty, and spaceship-type futuristic design on the inside - props to the Jag design team. If the C-X75  is ever to reach production, it will be a hell of a first vehicle for Tata motors as the owners of Jaguar, and possibly a pinnacle of Jaguar creations.

In this video Jaguar reveals their 780 bhp concept.

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