The Future of Tuning?

With Hybrid tuning on the roll full throttle, I decided to post some that were in the spotlight of 2010 SEMA show.

The first one is the Honda CR-Z, recently appearing on the market but already probably the most popular hybrid car for tuning. The CR-Z dominated the SEMA with 12 models of performance tuned hybrids. This particular model was prepared by Honda Performance Development, Honda U.S racing division. The Hybrid R concept has a blower strapped to its 1.5 motor, and upgraded hybrid system which results in a total output of 200hp and 175lb-ft of torque. It also features a racing tuned suspension, upgraded brakes, clutch and aerodynamic components. The Racer version of the Hybrid R concept is fitted with roll cages and is signed for December's 25 hour of Thunderhill endurance race.

This slammed Prius was put together by Toyota Japan's Conversion and Accessories team. Wearing and all carbon fiber body kit that even includes a rear diffuser, and sitting on 18 inch forged alloys. The car is lowered 102 mm in the front and 152mm in the rear with TEIN performance suspension and is fitted with a rear sway bar. Even fitted with a friggin roof scoop and Recaro racing seats this Prius is ready for track, but unfortunately the guys at C&A refrained from engine modifications , so this hybrid will not see the circuit.

Last we have the new Volt extended-range hybrid vehicle. As all green car manufacturers are trying to make their cars appeal to the youth and enthusiasts in us, Chevy doesn't want to be left out. They introduced their new custom design package Z-Spec for the Volt. Although the package does not make any aerodynamic and performance modifications, it does make the car look sportier and more aggressive. Deeper bumpers and still extensions, different lights, 19 inch rims, black satin grille trim, and unnecessary graphic package is all part of the deal soon to be available from factory Not sure which enthusiasts Chevy is trying to interest with this, but I have no doubt this will be a good compromise for teenagers going away to college, and their parents burdened with a choice of a car to bestow their child with.

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