Flodin in Russian Rally Needs Only 1 Wheel

Check out this video I found on the official blog of TEIN USA. Patrik Flodin and his co-driver flying through the stage of Russian Rally. This video really grabbed my attention, you can almost feel the STI buckle to the side, and stand on 2 wheels as Patrick tackles some of these turn at more than 80mph. At one point, about 1:30 into the video, something incredibly amazing happens. The Subaru literally stands on the front left wheel and for a second goes into the air as Patrik flies into the turn and whizzes past spectators feet away. But then, by stark magic, or merely skills, it lands back on 4 and keeps going. TEIN is a major sponsor of Patrik in the P-WRC, this is their major innovating testing ground for their signature Gr.N damper. With their sponsorship Patrik finished 2nd overall in 2010 season with 100 points, he grabbed 3 first podium spots in Jordan, Sweden, and Japan.


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