CR-Z gets a K20 Swap

When Honda introduced the CR-Z, it injected the words "sporty" and "fun to drive" into the hybrid lexicon. The 2 seater definitely has the impressive looks with which it evokes the CRX of the 80's and the first generation Insight. But, lets face it, the CR-Z is not sports car. Sporty hybrid?. Yes!

The front-wheel drive CR-Z is powered by a 1.5-liter i-VTEC 4-cylinder combined with a 10-kW electric motor which results in a combined output of 122hp and EPA estimates of 35/39 mpg, reaching 0-60 mph in 10.5 secs. It is the same i-VTEC engine found in the Fit. Sporty for who? College professor that switched from a Prius! No doubt the car's handling in many review has been mentioned as crispy, responsive, and with good precision, but handling is Honda's forte.

For the Honda enthusiasts that don't care about the MPG and efficiency it was somewhat a disappointing comeback of the CRX. From the day the CR-Z was announced, the Honda freaks have been drooling with contemplation of a K-Series engine swap into the CR-Z, the prayers have been answered after all. LHT Performace have done it again, one of the pioneers of the K-Series swap into the first generation Insight. In the short video the car is not doing anything exciting, but you can see that the K20 swap looks factory clean. According to them they have all the electronics working properly. Nothing is mention about the battery removal, but we can guess that it was removed to cut a substantial amount of weight. We will be expecting more videos of this CR-Z, hopefully in action.

[Source: WebRidesTV]

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