AMS Alpha 10 GT-R sets world record again

In October, I posted a video of AMS Performance R35-GT-R setting the record for 1/4 mile in 9.3@153 mph. Forget all that for now, AMS have been playing with their Alpha 10 GT-R at the drag strip recently after making some changes and adding an extra 80 wheel horses since the last visit to the strip. The Alpha 10 GT-R is now rated at 980 horsepower and 871 lbs/ft torque at the wheels, estimated 1166 and 1036 lb/ft torque at the engine. According to AMS the weather was at the 50's during their test which created an issue with traction, but that did no stop them, they were able to pull a 1/4 at 9.19@163 mph and setting the new world record. The same day their Alpha 9 packed GT-R set the pump gas record logging a 9.95@141.01 mph.

[Source:AMS Blog]

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