Mono Flex for S14

The MonoFlex Damper Kit from TEIN, is considered the best way to collaborate your passion for the track, and every-day driving. These coilovers can be utilized to achieve better performance in competition, and at the same time drive on the street. Tein has recently tested the Mono Flex for S14, yes it has been a while since the car was released, but better late than never, and plus this is not just any car the coilovers are being released for, 12 years after the cars debut. There is still a strong demand for S14 aftermarket parts, and TEIN knows it. If you own an S14, and take part it any kind of entry level competition, and also use the car on the street, you should definitely consider treating it with a Mono Flex Damper Kit to get that aggressive handling your OEM suspension lacks.

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