AP releases new products

Agency Power known for its quality and also fashionable products for Prosche 996 has recently released 2 new applications. Both of the products are for 966's predecessor and the all new enhanced Porsche 997.2 Turbo PDK or 6speed. Both of the products have been dyno tested, and proved to add a significant amount of hp to the already powerful 997. The First product is a High Flow Y-pipe for 997.2 Turbo 10+. The same Y-pipe for 996TT and 997TT was proven to be very successful according to AP itself, so there was no reason not to go with the development of this Y-pipe for 997.2. The Y-pipe kit with its 3inch piping opens up the restricted air flow of the intercooler pipe system, therefore achieving better performance and more power from the 997.2. The kit works with stock intercooler fittings and throttle body and has all the fittings and sensors that are required for installation. Tested at vividracing's Mustang Dynometer the Y-Pipe added about 10awhp and torque gain of 20ft/lbs which makes it a great bolt-on performance enhancer. The second part is AP Street Tuned Exhaust that features 200 cell high flow cats, a single muffler system with 70mm piping and available in all stainless steel or matte black ceramic. Due to the fact that Porsche is an OEM manufacturer, they have obligations to meet sound and emissions standards, therefore making their exhaust systems very restrictive. Agency Power does a good job at getting rid of these OEM restrictions with their exhaust, increasing air flow and decreasing backpressure, therefore generating more hp from a stock engine, not only that but it also saves you around 30lbs on the back end making it a win-win situation. The exhaust has a tame tone during cruising but gives an incredible sound at full throttle. Tested at Vividracing's dyno the exhaust gave a significant increase of around 15awhp and 20ft/lbs of tourqe which makes it another solid bolt-on power adder which retails at $3,750.00.

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