HKS Exhausts

All HKS exhaust systems are designed with performance in mind as a priority. Each application is dyno tested and proven to maximize exhaust flow, minimize back pressure, thus increase horsepower, while at the same time increase durability over OEM exhaust. HKS offers wide variety of exhaust system, each has its own distinctive characteristics and you can be sure to find something that will suit your personal need and taste.

Hi-Power Exhaust – As name implies, HKS Hi-Power Exhaust is designed with maximizing horsepower in mind, using technologies and experience gathered in Japanese endurance and GT racing. Important features include race inspired offset muffler and piping design, application optimized piping size, and minimized bends for optimum exhaust path. Turbocharged cars will benefit from the increased flow and decreased backpressure, which results in faster turbo spool and higher power and torque output. Naturally aspirated cars will also benefit from high rpm output which Hi-Power Exhaust provides, as the level of tuning is increased. All HKS Hi-Power Exhaust are made from SUS304 stainless steel, muffler and tip assemblies. Certain applications come with inner silencer for decreased noise.

Carbon-Ti Exhaust – HKS Carbon-Ti Exhaust is a special version of the Hi-Power Exhaust. Similar to Hi-Power Exhaust, Special Edition HKS Carbon Titanium versions are also available for popular applications, which feature carbon fiber muffler shell, titanium tip, and polished SUS304 stainless steel piping.

Titanium Racing Muffler Exhaust – HKS developed this exhaust specifically for their racing Toyota Supra. Optimized for 800 to 1000 horsepower output, this exhaust features 102mm stainless steel piping and 170mm Titanium muffler assembly. The Titanium Racing Muffler is also 40% lighter than the regular HI-Power Muffler. This is HKS’s highest flowing exhaust and is designed and intended for racing purpose; it comes with removable silencer when noise restriction is required.

Dragger Exhaust – HKS Dragger Exhaust is the first system that incorporates a seamless muffler shell, resulting in a very uniform stress distribution, and smoother construction. Each system is constructed from stainless steel piping for corrosion protection, and straight-through stainless steel muffler assembly with engraved logo and angle cut tip. HKS Dragger Exhaust has optimized piping size for each application so both power and torque can be optimized for turbocharged and naturally aspirated cars.
Dragger II Exhaust – HKS Dragger II Exhaust is the evolution of the original HKS Super Dragger Exhaust. The new HKS Dragger II Exhaust has a slim-line muffler for added ground clearance and optional silencer for noise suppression. Just like the Dragger Exhaust, each application has optimized piping size so both power and torque can be optimized for turbocharged and naturally aspirated cars.

Turbo Exhaust – HKS Turbo Exhaust is designed for vehicles that are turbocharged from the factory and already feature high power output. These high power turbocharged vehicles needed a bigger exhaust piping and lower back pressure, so HKS uses straight through muffler, and optimized exhaust path for these applications. Benefits include boost pressure gain, faster boost response, faster turbo spool, decreased turbo lag, and higher power and torque output. Expect an average gains of 10-25 horsepower on a stock engine, and much higher on a modified engine.

Legamax Exhaust – Legamax Exhaust was designed for both torque and horsepower optimization, creating a wider power band and higher peak outputs. To do so, each application is designed with different exhaust piping size, different muffler design, and different exhaust path. Doing so allows the exhaust gas to maintain the velocity while increase the volume flow rate. All Legamax Exhausts are constructed from stainless steel for protection from corrosion and better durability.

Legamax Premium Exhaust – An upgraded version of the Legamax Exhaust, further increasing power band and peak output. Most HKS Legamax Premium Exhaust features titanium muffler tips. Please read the Legamax Exhaust section for details.

Sport Exhaust – Similar to Legamax Exhaust in design but for different applications, please read the Legamax Exhaust section for details.
ES Wagon Exhaust – ES Wagon Exhaust is design for sport wagons. Featuring a stylish design yet having the ability to increase power output and create a very moderate exhaust tone.

Silent Hi-Power Exhaust – HKS Silent Hi-Power Exhaust is a modified version of the regular Hi-Power Exhaust. Modifications to the muffler and resonator allow for minimum decrease in exhaust flow but a much quieter exhaust tone. Perfect for enthusiasts seeking power gain but only wanting slight increase in exhaust noise over the factory system.

HKS Legal Exhaust -is designed to meet, both emission and noise inspection guidelines, thus being perfectly road legal. Each system is designed to optimized the power output and features a sportier exhaust tone yet staying under the legal limit, perfect for tuners that want to stay road legal.

Superior Spec R Exhaust
– HKS Superior Spec R Exhaust is the flagship exhaust system of HKS. Design with extensive R&D and featuring the bests of the HKS technologies. Each system features full titanium exhaust, which is both lightweight and extremely durable. Large diameter piping and optimized exhaust path allow for decreased back pressure, peak performance, and aggressive exhaust tone. Dual layer titanium tips give off that unique JDM appearance, while functional slits help suppress the noise.
Expect ultimate performance, aggressive exhaust sound, and enhanced appearance from the HKS Superior Spec R Exhaust.

Universal Mufflers – HKS universal mufflers are available in different sizes for your custom exhaust. Each muffler features higher flow rate and sportier exhaust tone. HKS Universal Hi-Power Muffler are constructed using stainless steel while the Universal Hi-Power Ti Muffler features titanium tips, both are resistant to corrosion and very durable. HKS Universal Carbon Ti Muffler feature a carbon fiber muffler body and a Titanium Tip, while the HKS Universal Titanium Muffler is constructed using titanium, both are lightweight, strong, and have the ability to increase performance.

Downpipe / Up-Pipe – HKS design their downpipe and up-pipe with larger piping for increased flow, mandrel dents allows for increase exhaust velocity and smoother exhaust flow. Certain application will eliminates the stock catalytic converter which dramatically decreases exhaust back pressure. Stainless steel construction allows for high durability. All HKS Downpipe and Up-pipe are direct bolt on. Expect a much quicker turbo spool, higher boost pressure, decrease turbo lag, and higher power output.

Exhaust Accessories and Parts – HKS also offers other exhaust accessories and parts, such as the removable inner muffler silencer which offers an average of 7 dB in exhaust noise reduction. Bumper Protector and Superior Finishers can be installed above the exhaust tip on the rear bumper for added protection and style enhancement.


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  2. I have 2 mufflers that say HKS Super dragged 2. The strange thing is these are Not seamless.