Agency Power Performance Parts

We now carry full line of Agency Power products.

Agency Power is a respectable aftermarket manufacturer, which produces quality aftermarket parts in mind with performance and style enhancement. They have over 200 part numbers for cars such as STI, EVO, M3,996,TC and more. AP started in 2003 out of Chandler Arizona, when they began producing sway bars for Subaru WRX, and by now are globally recognized for their notorious focus on the WRX STI and Mitsubishi EVO, for which they keep producing innovative and track proven parts. Their catback exhausts, turbo kits, adjustable sway bars, and radiators are race proven to have the ability to make a difference to your performance vehicle.

Nissan 370Z Catback Exhaust

Mistubishi Lancer Sway Bar

Agency Power Turbo Kit

Agency Power Radiator

Porsche 911 Turbo Carbon Fiber Front Lip

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